Personal Training

GetFit Personal Training is a different approach to training that is focused on whole-body health.


A holistic approach to personal training will awaken balance, stability, strength, speed and power. As these attributes are strengthened physically, you will begin noticing yourself implementing them into all aspects of your life. You will begin producing more balanced, quick and strong decisions. Your confidence will grow and you will begin to trust in your ability to live a less stressful life. Together we will form an individualized fitness plan to meet your needs and help you reach your fitness goals. We look forward to helping you GetFit.

The Secret To Removing Weight

In order to lose weight you must lift weight. Some women believe that aerobic exercise is all they need to stay fit and strong for the rest of their lives. Other women now know that weight lifting in combination with aerobic exercise is a non-negotiable essential in their life and the secret to success in removing weight and keeping it off. Muscular strength is important as it is one of the primary factors involved in boosting your metabolism.

Muscles are like furnaces because they help you burn more calories even when at rest. Studies have shown that women who do not strength train lose about 7 pounds of muscle every ten years and experience a reduction in metabolism equal to at least 350 calories per day. Add to this lose is more rapid fatigue, decreased stamina, increased risk of injury and recovering time.

If you think you have never strength trained before, think about all the years you have lifted children, packing boxes, book bags, briefcases, and grocery bags – all of these much heavier that beginning weight workouts. If you feel you are not as strong as you would like to be, consider adding weight training to your exercise routine. Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, but it does not keep us from losing muscle tissue.

“Working with Renee has been the best gift I’ve ever given myself. At the age of 66, my body was starting to show signs of problems. After years of living a stressful life without making any necessary changes, I was starting to wear down. I ended up completely exhausted and had a lot of pain in my lower back and horrible pain in my knees. I could not walk up and down stairs without crying in pain. I had MRI’s done, went to physical therapy that was recommended by my doctor, and tried medication only briefly. Nothing helped! I was about to give up, when I learned about Renee’s yoga class. I first started with her restorative yoga to help with the stress. This class is so important with the hectic life we all live today. It slows us down and helps us stay focused on what is most important. This is a beautiful experience!

I soon began her personal training, working with her one on one, twice a week. She has helped me strengthen my low back and stomach area. When this core area is out of shape, it can affect so many areas of the body. As I began to work with Renee, we decided Zero Balancing was needed. This bodywork is amazing. It is so relaxing and it helped me during the first few personal training sessions. I continue to have Zero Balancing from time to time and I highly recommend it to anyone in pain or under stress.

After only a month of working with Renee, I noticed all the pain was gone. Four months later, the pain has not returned. At times I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the work Renee offers us. She is definitely a blessing in my life!”

—Kathye, Wichita, KS

Personal and Partner Training Pricing

One Hour Session  $70
One Hour Packages  
5 pack/$65 per hour $325
10 pack /$60 per hour $600
1/2 Hour Session $45
½ Hour Packages  
5 pack/$40 per ½ hour $200
10 pack /$35 per ½ hour $350
One Hour Partner Session $45 per person
One Hour Partner Package  
5 pack/$40 per hour $200 per person
10 pack/$35 per hour $350 per person
Single ½ Hour Partner Session $35 per person
½ Hour Partner Package  
5 pack/$30 per ½ hr $150 per person
10 pack/$25 per ½ hr $250 per person

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