Zero Balancing

Hands-on bodywork system to align body energy with your physical structure.


Monthly Special

Your first Zero Balancing Session is just $50! 
(regularly $70)

Simple yet powerful, zero balancing focuses on the person as a whole, even when addressing specific needs. Considered at the leading edge of the body/mind therapies, ZB moves beyond Western scientific approaches to body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing. What this does is enable a practitioner to work simultaneously with your structure and energy bodies to bring balance.


What are the benefits of Energy Work?

The hallmarks of ZB are the integration of the client’s body energy with their body structure; creating clearer, stronger fields of energy in the body and mind; and balancing energy in the densest tissues of the body, the bone and skeletal system. As a result, there are numerous benefits of receiving a ZB session. 

Zero Balancing is excellent for relieving stress and tension. After a ZB session, clients feel relaxed, centered and grounded.

Because of its focus on the skeletal structure, Zero Balancing is helpful for postural problems and conditions such as tension headaches, neck, shoulder and back pains. Many clients look and feel taller after a session.
Zero Balancing is not only for helping with relief from problems, aches or pains. Zero Balancing also is valuable for the maintenance of good health and for personal development. Clients often find they slip into a meditative or expanded state of consciousness during the session and after the session they feel a sense of wholeness and well being.

Zero Balancing is especially suitable for people who are uncomfortable with other types of bodywork. This is because the client remains fully clothed and the touch in ZB is attentive without force or insistence. People find this a supportive and healing way of being touched. This supportive touch can be helpful to people whose responses to touch have been affected by life experiences such as abuse, trauma, or lack of affection during childhood.

There are very few conditions for which Zero Balancing isn’t suitable and each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client. However, Zero Balancing is not for the acutely ill person. If in doubt, consult a certified Zero Balancing practitioner for their advice concerning your particular situation.

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